Horror Films To Watch This October

Hello everybody! For most of you, October is a month of preparing for Halloween and you probably already have your costumes. I have never been really into Halloween to the point I have a lot of costumes on the go. I believe this is because as a child I never lived near other children so never went trick or treating. However, I do enjoy Halloween because of the horror films that come out around this time - Who doesn't love scaring themselves half to death? 

This year I'm really proud of myself because I finally plucked up the courage to watch a horror film at the cinema and I didn't cry haha! Although I still haven't seen a lot of horror films. So this October, I have decided to challenge myself to watch more horror films! 

I have created a list of films that I plan to watch this October! Most films mentioned can be found on Netflix or Now TV Box!

1. Exorcism of Emily Rose 
2. Friday 13th 
3. Under The Shadows 
4. Let's Scare Jessica To Death 
5. Gerald's Game 
6. It Follows 
7. Hush 
8. Thinner 
9. Wake Wood 
10. The Forest 
11. Child's Play 
12. Boys In The Trees 
13. The Lost Boys 
14. The Believers 
15. Carrie 
16. Rosemary's Baby 
17. Psycho
18. Hollow Man 
19. Blair Witch Project
20. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

This has been my list of must watch films for this October. If you haven't seen any of these films feel free to watch them as well and let me know what you think about them! Which horror film do you think is a must watch Halloween tradition?

LittlePinkDuck - xox

What's It Like Being Low Maintenance?

Hey everybody, hope you are all okay today! If you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter you would know that last week I bought a fantastic Aldo's bag that was on sale! I love the embroidered flower pattern and how spacious the bag is so I am very happy with this find! As my friends would tell you it is very rare for me to buy anything for myself, so this recent buy was very unlike me but was very much needed! 

This fact about myself has inspired my post for today, as I will be discussing what it's like being a low maintenance girl. Enjoy! 

As long as I can remember I have never been a materialistic person, whenever it comes to my birthday and Christmas people are never sure what to buy for me, and to be honest I wouldn't know what to suggest to them! So I am a bit of a nightmare to buy for. However, I love any gift I am bought! (I have kept the same iPod for years and cried several times when I thought I lost it!) 

Another thing about myself (a fact which annoys my mum a bit) is that I don't replace clothing or items unless it HAS to be replaced. Jeans, shoes and bags are the main items that are used to death before they're replaced. I admit this is mainly because I am clueless about fashion so buying new clothes is a stressful time for me. Whenever I go shopping I have three things to consider: 1. Is it fashionable? 2. Do the clothes come in petite size? 3. Will the outfit make me look young? 

To this day I still wear trainers I bought in 2009 and I wouldn't have a clue what trainers to buy if I did go to replace them! 

One of the main things about being low maintenance is that I am not makeup or hair savvy at all. My makeup is quite basic and I have two hairstyles 1. down. 2. ponytail (when I go gym). Throughout my teenage years when others were perfecting their makeup techniques, I wasn't that bothered about makeup (only wearing eyeliner because it was an emo must) so this has meant that I am now in my twenties and clueless about makeup. 

I admit I am very jealous of people who are makeup and hair savvy, I find myself admiring people's makeup on Instagram wishing I had the discipline to learn! I wish I could wake up in the morning and dedicate time to my appearance, but often enough laziness wins and I usually end up wearing basic makeup. Sometimes this makes me feel bad about myself whenever I catch myself in the mirror. 

As I have mentioned already I hardly ever buy anything to just spoil myself. Whenever my friends and I go shopping I never buy myself anything unless it's food and drink. I enjoy walking around shops and looking at items. I typically spend hours deciding whether or not to buy an item I have seen; sometimes visiting the same shop three or four times before finally buying!  

Being a low maintenance type has both advantages and disadvantages, although it can be seen as a good thing not being dependent on items, it can be a pain when it comes to going out for the night when you are clueless about fashion, hair and beauty. 

It's difficult to explain how it feels not being interested in things in the same way other people are, but to put it simply it makes you feel a bit boring! 

LittlePinkDuck - xox

My Top Five Mobile Apps

Hey, I hope everyone is okay today! I have been suffering for over two weeks with the world's worst cold which has wiped me out completely. It's amazing how quickly an illness can kick the stuffing out of you and leaves you needing motivations to even leave your bed! I decided that today's post would be about my favourite mobile apps, seeing as they came into good use whilst I was stuck in bed haha!  

When I first got Twitter in 2013 after it was recommended to me by a uni lecturer, it confused me to the point it annoyed me. However, now I am in love with it! I use it regularly to engage in Twitter chats with other bloggers or just to browse around. The app has been a great way for me to socialise with more people other than my family! I have found myself spending hours reading threads (my current favourite thread has been Dear David by @moby_dickhead). 

Well, I think I'm not the only one to say that Pinterest is addictive and steals all your time! I have found myself regularly sacrificing sleep for Pinterest, but when you have been dealt with an amazing selection of Brendon Urie pictures who needs sleep?! 

I have a love/hate relationship with this app! I love the app because I get to spend hours looking at amazing and beautiful content but I hate it because if you spend a few days off cause you're ill you lose followers, and Instagram is also notorious for showing old content so you miss new pictures.  

I haven't had this app for long so I have only made two playlists, but I am already in love. All this accessible music at a touch of a button? Can't go wrong with that! I love how there's a playlist for nearly everything, I am currently listening to a range of playlists for inspiration to create my own playlists using music I like listening to.  

The thing I love about YouTube is how you can be watching one video and within an hour found another Youtuber who you fall in love with! I enjoy watching Vloggers and seeing how people document their lives. My favourite YouTubers at the moment are "It's Black Friday" and "Emily Boo". They are incredibly entertaining to watch, and I love watching their relationships with their partners. I also enjoy watching drama channels (it's a bit of a guilty pleasure!)    

This has been my top five favourite mobile apps! Please feel free to check out my social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Let me know in the comments your favourite mobile apps, or why you don't like any of these apps mentioned! 

LittlePinkDuck - xox 

25 years of UK Music Hits

On Friday (22nd September) it was my 25th birthday! I have been very busy for the past couple of days so I was unable to post this on Friday. This was because of how long this post actually ended up taking to write! Anyway, for today's post, I am going to share with you all, a list of songs that made it to number one in charts on the 22nd September since 1992!  I will only be using songs that were in the UK charts.

1992 - The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode
I had only just been born when this song was in the charts. My mum mentioned there was a hidden meaning in the song "E's are good." It was in the UK charts for four weeks so I wonder if other people were also clueless about the hidden meaning!

1993 - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake The Room
I was still too young to remember this song when it was released, although when I was in year 10 I had a history teacher that loved Will Smith. She put this song on during class one day (it was close to summer holidays). I liked the song instantly and downloaded it as soon as I got home! 

1994 - Whigfield - Saturday Night 
Couldn't go to a school disco/ haven holiday camp/ family parties (and pre-drinks once I got older) without hearing this song. It is such a classic, when it was in the charts I was only two years old so it goes to show how great this song is!

1995 - Shaggy - Boombastic 
I can't remember listening to this song when it was released, I can remember hearing it a lot when I was about 7/8.

1996 - Fugees - Ready or Not
I vaguely remember hearing this song, it wasn't played a lot on the radio (well at least the station my mum played) I remember this song mostly because of the remixes that came out later.

1997 - Elton John - Candle in the Wind/ Something about the way you look tonight 

This song was re-released following the death of Princess Diana, the song was originally dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. I like this song although it's ridiculously sad!

1998 - Melanie B feat. Missy Elliot - I want you back
I really do not recognise this song at all.

1999 - Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
This song is similar to Saturday Night, you couldn't escape a party or pre-drink without hearing this song. It's not hard to see why! The song is great and the music video delights us to some cheesy 90s animation!

2000 - Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
You couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song although I admit it was one of the songs that were played all the time but I never knew what the name was.

2001 - DJ Otzi - Hey Baby! 
Another song which defined my school disco years as well as nights out! My friends and I love listening to this song during pre-drinks and you can't resist joining in (I've tried and failed!)

2002 - Pink - Just Like a Pill 

This was the first song I heard by Pink. I loved her instantly because of her name! She's done a lot of great songs since, but this will be my favourite because it was the first song I heard by her.

2003 - Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love?
I love this song! I remember this song was really popular at my Primary school and at every school disco this song HAD to be played. Sometimes it was played more than once because people loved it that much. The message of the song is still really important to this day.

2004 - Eric Prydz - Call On Me  
I had just started High School when this song was released and I remember how shocked everyone was by the music video! Which is funny when you look back because it's a tame music video in comparison to what was released after. 

2005 - Pussycat Dolls feat.  Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha
I can't believe this song came out in 2005? I didn't think this song was that old haha! I did actually like this song! 

2006 - Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like Dancin'
This band was great! I have memories of my brother loving this song when he was young. The downside to it was my brother loved this song so much it was played a lot. 

2007 - Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls 

I think everyone remembers this song it was everywhere during the summer holidays! I remember being in Ibiza when this song was out, so because it brings back some amazing memories, I love this song. 

2008 - Kings Of Leon - Sex is on fire 
Ah, you couldn't escape this song at High School. I believe the band underwent a lot of changes so fans weren't impressed with the newer tracks. I didn't mind the song, in fact, I quite liked it! But I can imagine how annoying it must have been for fans.

2009 - Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
This was out during last year of High School, and another song that was played a lot. At the time I was in my emo phase so I didn't pay attention to the song when it was originally released. Long after High School, I listened to it and it is quite good!   

2010 - Alexandra Burke feat. Laza Morgan - Start Without You 
I didn't like X Factor so I wasn't listening to songs that came from the show (this went down the loo after Little Mix). This song isn't anything special and it's quite forgettable. 

2011 - One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful 
Again I didn't listen to people from X Factor so I didn't listen to One Direction whilst they were in the charts. I admit it was a stubborn anti-pop reason.  

2012 - The Script feat. Will.I.Am - Hall of Fame 
It's a great song to listen to at the gym when you needed the motivation to do the cross trainer, but I have to admit I enjoyed The Script's earlier songs a lot more!

2013 - Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty 
I love Jason Derulo! This was the year I started to listen to more pop music. This song was too catchy for me to pretend I didn't like it.

2014 - Sigma feat. Paloma Faith - Changing 
This was the year I graduated and became single (which is funny that the song is called changing). This is another good song that I didn't know the name of the artist. It wasn't a big part of my life but it's an okay song. 

2015 - Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?
I couldn't escape this song because it was played at work a lot! It was also the song that made me start liking his music.

2016 - Chainsmokers feat. Halsey - Closer 
Another summer song you couldn't escape from! It's still played a lot even to this day, it reminds me going out drinking before I became too ill and unable to drink without falling asleep! (Drinking game: weak)

2017 - Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes

I like Sam Smith I think he has a good voice,  I haven't heard his newest song all the way through yet but I like what I have heard from the song.

This has been my 25 years of UK Music Hits! I am planning on doing a post about what I got for my birthday soon! Do you recognise any of the songs on this list? What songs made it to number one when you were born? Let me know in the comments!

LittlePinkDuck - xox

First Impressions on... Look what you made me do

I have somehow managed to avoid hearing Taylor Swift's latest song "Look what you made me do" and because I loved her last album "1989," it was really hard stopping myself from listening to the track as soon as I heard it was out. The reason I have been so adamant in avoiding the song is that I wanted to share my first impressions with you all.

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews over the song, people have commented on how it sounds a lot different to her other music. I don't personally see anything wrong with changing your sound and image as long as it's done right. Paramore has changed their sound over the years to move with the times, as have Panic! At The Disco and they've found their place rather nicely. 

I thought now would be a rather fitting time to post this because the song is said to be a major middle finger to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry (wait... Does Taylor have a hatred for people starting in K?) and last weekend marked the anniversary of Kanye West humiliating a young 19-year-old Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards. 


Right okay so upon hearing the song here are my opinions on Look what you made me do...

It's certainly different I have to give Taylor that! She has definitely given us something that doesn't sound like her last album. At the start of the music video, she's seen to rise from the dead with her headstone saying: "Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation," so I can already see the song is hugely influenced by the drama of Kim posting "receipts" of Taylor talking to Kanye over "Famous." It's been hugely debated amongst fans whether she agreed to the whole song, or just one line from the lyrics without knowing the rest, what do you guys think?

Taylor in a bath filled with diamonds seems like a cheap shot at Kim Kardashian's Paris incident, where she was tied up in a bath and robbed. Some people say it's a continuation from her Blank Space video, but who knows? All I'm going to say is if it is a dig at Kim's ordeal it's a low blow. 

She does some very freaky likeness to Katy Perry holding a Grammy (I seriously thought it was Katy at first) throwing major disses at Katy because she has not yet won a Grammy whereas Taylor's won many. These two have hated each other for years (Bad Blood was rumoured to be a fu*k you towards Katy) so I'm not surprised Taylor's decided to diss her again because these two keep throwing digs at each other constantly. 

"Sorry, the old Taylor can't make it to the phone right now...Why? Oh! Cause she's dead!" cheesiest.line.ever. I don't know whether it was intended to be funny but I found it to be hilariously cheesy. I do like how towards the end of the music video she's got all the different eras of Taylor Swift, and it does feel like the video is all about killing off her old personas making way for a more hardened Swift. 

I'm not saying that Taylor isn't allowed to make changes in her sound and image, but this "from pop princess "to bad bitch taking no shit" act is getting tired. We have already seen Miley Cyrus make this change (and calm down early this year) and Katy Perry has also changed her image to "woke" bad bitch. It was believable when Miley did it because of the little indications here and there, so when she did come back with the new image and album it was expected (it wasn't well received by everyone but people expected it). It was also predicted she would calm down and go back to her old style. However Taylor looks like she still rides a horse named Cinnamon in her spare time, it's not an image change that looks natural at all. 

The song is also aimed towards old beef which a lot of people have long forgotten about, and it seems silly to bring it up now. I understand she's probably pissed off about it and wants her own say but it happened last year and people have since moved on.

Although the song isn't to the "instant love" standard of her last album I don't hate it and I am sure I'll probably end humming along to the song. I'm hoping as more songs come out I will become used to this new sound but for the moment I am uncertain of it. 

What do you guys think of Taylor's new image? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments 

LittlePinkDuck - xox 

Dear Average Girl...

You are approaching the first year of High School, and sadly you won't have a great time whilst you are there. As you already know, you are not the smartest in the class nor the least, this stays the same throughout High School. Your reading is still shocking but luckily you improved in year 6 (thank you, Jaqueline Wilson!) 

When you start High School it will become apparent how bad you actually are at Art, you knew this already but a few dodgy self-portrait attempts later will dash any hopes you had of being decent. Although you will still regret not picking Art for GCSE because a cute Art teacher starts working at your school soon as you start year 10. 

You're decent at English. You will do some amazing pieces of work and prove wrong the English teacher that said you wouldn't get a C because of how quiet you are. You will remain quiet and reclusive after High School. We still don't have it figured out why we are so quiet (sorry!)

In year 8 major changes will happen in your friendship circle. You will lose a very toxic friend. However it really isn't a bad thing because the girl with all the animals and reminds you of a hyperactive hamster, will become the most important best friend you will ever make. You remain best friends long after High School! 

Year 9 is going to be the worst year for you, there's no way to avoid it and unfortunately, you don't become thick skinned or super intelligent and beat everyone, you just become less confident and more nervous. On the plus side, the girl you're terrified of gets expelled this year and you never see her again *silver linings!*

You will buy into the toxic idea that "If they hit you they like you!" But one serious bite later in year 11 and you won't have to deal with him again! He will still occasionally knock around where you hang out but he doesn't punch you (as much) as he did. 

You will regret being a sulky emo kid and not embracing life as much as you should have. This will become more apparent when you have six stressful years, and during this time you realise you have taken life for granted. You will realise there is more to life than being in a relationship, and life can be great as a single gal! 

You should read more books! As soon as you go college you will read three books that will put you off reading until you're 24. Maybe if you read more books you wouldn't lose the will to live reading: Oranges Aren't The Only Fruit, The Great Gatsby, The Colour Purple. (Sorry if you liked any of these books!)

You should continue your writing ambitions. Seriously just sit down and come up with a serious idea and do it! You spend God knows how long pondering on ideas and never do any of them. Just do it already! (Channel your inner Shia Labeouf!)

Believe it or not average girl, you get into college! Doing A Levels as well! You sly son of a bitch! This boosts your confidence, although many breakdowns will happen throughout your first year. Even though you do really well in your first year, you will still believe you are average and feel you don't deserve to be at college. Sooo imagine how shocked you are when not only do you end up going Univesity, you then graduate with a 2:1!

When you turn 20 you will suddenly want ALL the makeup and you realise your anti-makeup teenage years has left you completely clueless. Seriously you don't realise you need to use soap to wash your makeup brushes! Why did we do this?! 

However it isn't all bad, we finally become happy with our weight and hair, (most of the time) our music tastes have definitely improved, we get into a career we loved until it closed down and you couldn't work anymore. Also, believe it or not, we have learned to become comfortable being a single gal! (mostly cause we don't have a flirting game).

But more importantly, Average Girl before I say goodbye, please embrace life and take more photographs at every opportunity! 

You are doing just fine

Yours Sincerely, 

LittlePinkDuck - xox 

Ranked TV series I’ve been watching

Hey ducklings! So for the past couple of months, I have been watching quite a lot of television shows (which isn't like me at all!) After finishing the latest TV show, I decided that I would share with you all a list of the TV series I have been watching and rating them from worst to best. I am not saying any of the shows are bad; I just preferred other shows to them. 

This will be a spoiler free list 

Breaking Bad 
I had been told several times that this show was a must watch, I remember the reactions I got: "What do you mean you've never seen Breaking Bad?!" I first started to watch the show with my ex but I didn't get very far with the show because the relationship ended. I decided to watch the show again in 2014 and I only just finished it. Maybe a controversial opinion but I didn't like the show towards the end, and it was really hard to convince myself to finish the series because I hated Walt so much. I'm sorry Bryan you're a great actor but Walt made me mad as hell. I would have stopped watching but I was so close to finishing the show it would have been silly to stop. Breaking Bad isn't the style of show I would watch normally and if I hadn't been pestered I wouldn't have watched it. The show isn't particularly bad and I did enjoy the show at the beginning, but season 5 wasn't my cup of tea at all. 

Stranger Things 
This was another show that had been recommended to me a lot: "You have to watch this show!" I admit the show is pretty good. Stranger Things is a Netflix original about a group of friends who find a strange girl called "Eleven" whilst they're looking for their missing friend. What I like about this show is the sci-fi element as well as the characters, I particularly like how the cop actually does something and isn't another clueless cop created to cause annoyance and delays. (Also he has hands of steel?!) It's only this high on the list because there has only been one season. 

Skins (Season 1 - 4) 
This show is both great and annoying, I honestly feel that some of the stuff that happened on the show wasn't necessary at all! The show is about a group of friends in college and everything they get up to. Apart from a few annoying moments, it was really good and I did enjoy it. Skins is the style of show I do like, I enjoy watching the dynamics of relationships. I started watching this show not long after I became too ill to work and all I had was a Netflix subscription. Also, Chris and Cassie are now in GoT which I am really happy about, especially Joe Dempsie *wink wink.*

I have watched this series hundreds of times! The show is a classic and is funny and I love how the characters work well together and create so many memorable moments "We were on a break!!!" I have become a mini nerd when it comes to this show. If you haven't watched Friends it's about six friends in their twenties who live in New York and how they go about their daily lives. There isn't much I can say about why I love this show but it is a real classic. 

Gavin and Stacey 
This is another show that I have watched loads! The show is about two people from Wales and Essex who fall in love and how they cope with the changes. I love the show so much Nessa and Smithy are my favourite characters and their storyline is my favourite. I remember watching this whilst recovering from a kidney infection, I vividly remember watching it with both my dogs led on my stomach to comfort me (awh!) Pam and Mick are also fantastic characters and they are a great couple!

Game of Thrones 
I can't believe that it was only on the 22nd June that my family and I decided to watch Game of Thrones (GoT) and finished in time for season 7! I love this show and I am kicking myself that it took as long as it did to watch it! I love the violence, twists and turns, and of course the characters. The characters are brilliantly written, although you can't get too close to a character because you can never be sure if they'll survive the season. I am so gutted that I have to potentially wait until 2019 to find out how it ends!

So this has been my ranked TV shows I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I've been watching. Have you watched any of these shows on the list? What shows would you recommend people watched? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

LittlePinkDuck - xox