Five foreign films you should watch

Hey everyone! I hope you are all okay, and if you have recently received your A level results I hope you got the results you needed. 

When I started college in 2009 I was unaware that I would be introduced to a lot of brilliant foreign films that I wouldn't watch normally. The idea of watching a film that was completely subtitled is a nightmare for some people, a common complaint being: "Why would I want to read subtitles when watching a film?" Honestly, if you are one of these people you are really missing out on some great films! 

So I decided to share with you all a list of five foreign films that have left a lasting impression on me and that I highly recommend you watch at least once. 

Mexican - Amores Perros // Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu  

A film about how one incident can change more than one life. The film is centred around three people. Octavio, a young man from the slums who is doing dog fighting to save up enough money to run away with his sister-in-law. Valeria, a model who has recently moved into an apartment with her partner after he's left his family. Ex-gangster El Chivo, a hitman who lives as a homeless man. Linked by a car accident, we are shown what happens to these people before and after the collision.

Italian - Life is Beautiful // Director: Roberto Benigni

A Jewish father called Guido and his son Giosue are thrown into a concentration camp during WW2. The film is about how Guido risks his life to protect his son from learning the true nature of their imprisonment. A controversial genre for the film, I was a little sceptical about how they could make a film about the holocaust a comedy-drama. However, seeing the love and risk Guido goes through to protect his son's innocence and keeping him alive, does have some comedic moments (also his son is adorable!)

Spanish - Open your eyes // Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Successful career man and womanizer Cesar has his life thrown into chaos when he's been left disfigured after his scorned lover attempts to kill him after driving her car off a bridge. This thriller mystery is one to watch if you love being made slightly confused! All the way through you are uncertain if what is happening is real or not. This film was remade in 2001 (Vanilla Sky) starring Tom Cruise, but I recommend you watch the original.

South Korean - Oldboy // Director: Park Chan-wook

Probably one of the most well-known films on this list, Oldboy is about an arrogant drunk called Dae-Su who has been abducted and held captive for fifteen years. Once he's been released he is on a mission to find out who held him captive and why. This film doesn't play out like typical action films, and I think that's why this film is so good. I believe this film has also been remade, but again I recommend you watch the original.

French - He loves me He loves me not // Director: Laetitia Colombani

I will have to keep this very brief because this film is hard to explain without spoiling it. A young talented art student is deeply in love with a married man but things don't turn out the way they should. I highly recommend you give this film a watch. The shift in the tone of the film is done very well.

I have always been open minded when it comes to watching new films. I have watched a lot of foreign films and found they offered something different to mainstream Hollywood films. I think it is nice to watch different film styles that are not like the typical Hollywood narratives.

So this has been my top 5 foreign films that I recommend you watch! I hope you have enjoyed this post and do have a nosey on at least one of the films listed. Have you seen any of the films on this list?  Have you watched any foreign film that you think people HAVE to watch?

LittlePinkDuck - xox

Things to know when dating someone with a chronic illness

So I have been thinking a lot recently about the fact I have been single for a while and, although I am quite content with being single, I have realised that since my last relationship my health has deteriorated and therefore I'm in a worse position than before. 

Because of this, I have decided to share with you all a list of things potential love interests should know before dating someone with a chronic illness. 

Disclaimer: I would like to state that this is based solely on my own experiences so may differ from other people's. If you relate to this post or would like to add something you think love interests should know, leave me a comment at the bottom! 

Tiredness is a burden

I will start with one of the most common issues people with chronic illness experience, tiredness. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a full day without needing a nap; even when I considered myself to be at my "healthiest" I needed naps. Tiredness is a huge issue with my condition and I cannot stress enough how I need people to understand this. On some days I've had an awful nights sleep and it's on these days that I am extremely confused. I often say things wrong and although sometimes it can be quite funny, it is frustrating.

Other things to consider when dating someone with tiredness problems:

- We are not using it as an excuse to bail out of sex 
- It is not a sleeping pattern problem (yes, we are sure)
- We need naps otherwise we are grumpy and useless when it comes to concentrating!
- Please don't make us feel bad for needing breaks 
- Falling asleep randomly will happen
- We may need a few days to recover from a day out 

New symptoms as condition deteriorates

Depending on the condition the sufferer has, this point may not affect everyone. However, at any time new symptoms could emerge as the chronic illness sufferer's condition continues to deteriorate. Or for others, their pre-existing symptoms could become worse. This means we will need full support and lots of attention (although this could be just me). These new symptoms could leave us more tired or in pain, so whilst we are in the process of adapting we will require understanding and support.

Intimacy and family 

Not everyone can have kids, this isn't necessarily caused by a fertility issue. Some people with chronic illness face serious damage to their bodies by being pregnant. So it is important to know that alternatives may need to be considered if you want to start a family. Although this depends on what the condition is; if it is a case of waiting for a transplant you can just wait. Also, although everyone is different some people with chronic illness can have really low sex drives or nonexistent sex drives so we aren't always "up-and-ready" for it. 

Nights Out are stressful

When it comes to going on a night out it is a stressful, energy consuming experience. Energy levels are constantly being tested when you have a chronic illness. The process of getting showered and dressed takes me all day, it is exhausting! Sometimes I have a cheeky nap in order to bring myself back to life.

Truthfully I don't particularly like drinking a lot because I always end up tired and in pain in the middle of a club for hours. On the night out I am constantly having to pace myself so I don't end up in pain. At this point, I am already tired from preparing for the night out so I usually end up wanting my bed by 1 am.  This is why I much prefer going on days out. 

Don't belittle people with an Invisible Illness 

One of the most important things to know is that just because our conditions aren't visible, it doesn't mean we aren't suffering as much as people with more obvious conditions. We have good days and bad days, and days where we struggle for motivation to even get dressed. Please be respectful of this and understand we are not being lazy and we aren't refusing to try.

Thank you for reading my post! As I have stated in the disclaimer this post is based on my own experiences with my chronic illness. If you have a chronic illness and would like to add something you would want people to know before dating you, leave a comment at the bottom!

LittlePinkDuck - xox 

The Disney Tag

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well today. For today's post, I have decided to do the Disney Tag which I first saw on I thought I would answer these questions as I adore Disney and grew up watching Disney films. 

Favourite scene in a Princess movie? 

There have been so many great scenes it's hard to pick just the one. However, I would say my favourite scene was in Cinderella where she reveals she has the other glass slipper. The overall scene was intense, with her step-mother locking her in her room and then smashing the glass slipper.   

Last Disney film you've watched?

Emperor's New Groove - "Why do we even HAVE that lever?"

Is your family Disney obsessed?

I don't think my mum, dad and brother love it as much as I do, but my grandma definitely loves her Disney films.  

How many times have you visited the park?

I went to Disney World Flordia when I was 15. I have only been once but it was amazing! I would love to go again.

Which park is your favourite?

I would have to say the Magical Kingdom! The park was amazing, it had firework displays, it was separated into different themes. It even smelled great (is that weird?) 

Cinderella's Castle or Sleeping Beauty's Castle?

I would have to say Cinderella's Castle because I haven't seen the other castle.

Favourite animal-themed movie?

I think Lion King is an obvious one but it's a great film. I also love Lion King 2 Simba's Pride the songs in that film are amazing. 

Would you get married/have your honeymoon in the Parks?

I would like to but I think the hubby-to-be might have a few objections. 

If you could marry any of the characters, who would it be and why?

Flynn from Tangled, I am not sure what it is about him, but I just really like him. 

Favourite Villian 

Yzma from Emporer's New Groove, her character is really funny. 

If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would it be and why?

Mulan and Merida (from Brave) I think it would be fun to see how their "butt-kicking" attitude would work together, I think they could probably rule the world. 

Have you met any characters at the parks?

I met lots of them over the two weeks at Disney, but I couldn't go near the step-mother and step-sisters from Cinderella. They intimidated me too much!

Favourite live-action Disney films?

Mary Poppins, as a child I watched that film so much the tape started to wear away, "feed the birds" started to sound like she was gargling water whilst trying to sing it! Haha  

Micky or Minnie?
Minnie, because I LOVE the dress she wears 

Which Disney film is overrated?

I would have to say Frozen. I don't think the film is bad, people tried to make out it's a film that's never been done before claiming it was the "first film that was about family and not about love." They seem to forget about: Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, Brave and Brother Bear. 

Favourite Pixar film?

Very hard question because there is a lot of amazing ones. My top three would be Inside Out, Monsters Inc and Toy Story. 

Favourite side-kick and why?

Mushu, I mean come on he is amazing! My best friend and I quote him to this day! "Dishonour on you! Dishonour on your cow!"

Favourite Disney film and why?

Peter Pan, I admit this is a bit of a depressing reason, but when I was 8 someone close to my family and me died suddenly. It hit me really hard and after that happened I became obsessed with Peter Pan because of the fact he lived forever and had adventures.

I hope you enjoyed reading my take on the Disney Tag, I'm sorry it ended on a down point, I would love to go back to Disney World and experience everything again! Let me know if you do the Disney tag, I would love to read your answers. 

I tag:

Raiin Monkey - Sarah
Dungarees and Doughnuts - Olivia
ItsBeccaJayne - Becca

LittlePinkDuck - xox 

Photo Diary | Comic Con Manchester 2017

Hey! This blog was supposed to be posted on Monday but I had to rearrange posts to recover from Saturday.   

Today's post is a photo diary of my day at Comic Con. If you have been following me on social media you will know already that I went to Manchester's Comic Con with my best friend on Saturday. I have only been Comic Con three times, so this time I decided to take pictures of the stalls and things I bought.  

What I bought at Comic Con

Saturday was a fun day but extremely tiring, I think next year I will be staying in a hotel! Did you go to Comic Con this year? Would you go to Comic Con?

Let me know in the comments!

LittlePinkDuck - xox

Music Favourites | July 2017

Hey, everyone! Hope you are well today, due to only just recovering from walking around on Saturday at Comic Con I have not been able to concentrate long enough to do my posts on the days I intended to post them. 
Today's post is another edition of my music monthly favourites with a few minor changes. As always I cannot believe how quickly the month ended; it feels like we were only just approaching July and now we are in August! 

What I had as my July alarm(s)?

Halestorm - Mz. Hyde 
The 1975 - Chocolate (Jones LR Remix) 

New track that I adore!

Soo, Kesha is back and wow what a difference?! Her track "Praying" sounds completely different to her other tracks "Tick Tock" and "Bla Bla Bla" I loved her earlier tracks don't get me wrong, but her new song definitely took me by surprise. The song is a lot more personal compared to her earlier hit songs. When I hear this song I can hear the lyrics echoing her current situation with Sony and Dr Luke; if you have been somewhat following Kesha's legal battle against Dr Luke and Sony you will know what I mean. 

Old track that I adore!

So I found by "happy-accident" one of No Doubt's old songs "Spiderweb," I love this song and I can't believe I have never sought after No Doubt's music. It always surprises me how much Gwen has changed over the years when comparing her solo career to her No Doubt music career. 

Favourite album of July 

This month I have been listening to a lot of Melanie Martinez's "Cry Baby" album. I discovered this album last year, and my friend and I were meant to see her live but due to her being ill the concert was cancelled (this still upsets me to this day). I think what I find most appealing about the album, is the dark themes portrayed in the album played alongside playful music videos and pop music. A perfect example of this playfulness alongside dark themes would be "Dollhouse" a song about an unstable family life with a music video of Melanie dressed as a doll in a dollhouse. 

Favourite song from the album

It is quite difficult to say what my favourite song is on the album because I love them all. However, if I had to pick a song I would pick the one I first heard from Melanie Martinez: "Soap." I love this song because at the time I heard it I related to the song. A song about a girl, who has fallen for a man who doesn't want a relationship.

This post has been about my July favourite music, you have probably noticed already I haven't listened to a lot of new releases and been focusing on music that's been out for a while. I always aim to find new music or music that's been around for a while that I have not yet heard. I would love to hear what you have been listening to this month! Let me know in the comments what you've been listening to.  

LittlePinkDuck - xox 

Reasons why Hufflepuff is a great house

Wow a third post this week? I must be doing something right! How's everyone been this week? I have been working on my "mission happiness" (you can read about that here) and it is seemly improving things so far, so fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I will be going to Comic Con and hopefully should be able to do a post about it on Monday. I won't be dressing up, but I will be proudly wearing my Hufflepuff scarf and top! Which brings me to today's blog topic. 

For some reason whenever someone admits they've done the Pottermore test and revealed they've got Hufflepuff, they always seem really disappointed with the result. It is said with such disrespect it's almost offensive! Who doesn't love the cheerful yellow colours and cute badger? Anyway as a fellow Hufflepuff member I am here to tell you why the Hufflepuff house is great! 

The Hufflepuff house is an open-minded one

It is commonly known that people from Hufflepuff are seen to be very open-minded. We accept everyone and see the good in people and treat everyone with respect (but we know when not to give someone second chances.) In the words of Helga Hufflepuff herself: "I'll teach the lot, And treat them just the same."

Hufflepuff are loyal people who fight for what's right 

As The Sorting Hat once said: "They are just and loyal/ Those patient Hufflepuffs are true/ And unafraid of toil." People from Hufflepuff are one of the most loyal, during the Battle of Hogwarts every Hufflepuff member stayed to fight. Not for the glory or because they are show offs, but because they believed it was right. Who wouldn't want to be friends with someone from Hufflepuff?

Remember Tonks?

People believe that people from Hufflepuff are weak, and too nice to be bad-ass. However, Tonks a known Hufflepuff member, was hardly a soft or weak character. A Metamorphmagus she used her talents to change her hair colour and make funny faces to make people laugh. She was accepting as a person and loved Lupin even with him being a werewolf, she didn't care. Not forgetting she fought against Lord Voldemort after just giving birth. Weak and soft house? Nope!
Admittedly I was one of the people who would have been disappointed with being put into the Hufflepuff house. However, after researching the house more I have realised that the house is a great one to be in! People from Hufflepuff aren't forgettable people who are too soft to be feared. We are a loyal, open-minded house that are accepting and hardworking.

Thank you for reading today's post! Have you done the Pottermore test? Which house are you in? Let me know in the comments.

LittlePinkDuck - xox 
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24 Facts about me

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is okay this Wednesday evening. As I am writing this it is thundering and lightening and my dogs are going crazy in the living room (poor things!) Today I thought I would do something a little different and share a 24 facts about me post.

1. I am named after Jessica Rabbit and Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote) 
2. I am a Virgo and although I don't believe in horoscopes I enjoy reading mine a lot. 
3. I am not a materialistic person at all which makes me really awkward to buy gifts for. 
4. I have got a reputation for locking myself in almost every public bathroom I've gone to, so I practice the locks before locking the door. Haha!
5. I love bright colours but my favourite colour has always been pink, even during my emo phase!
6. I preferred Digimon over Pokemon (sorry Sarah)
7. If I don't wear makeup I am mistaken for a much younger person. Fun fact last December the guy who fitted the dishwasher asked me if I was looking forward to Santa coming. (Don't know who looked more uncomfortable!) 
8. I have a borderline obsession with Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco. 
9. I have always wanted to be an author, I used to always carry a pen and paper around with me wherever I went. 
10. I didn't like my old surname because I used to be bullied over it, so I was really happy when my mum married and changed my name. 
11. I am really clumsy and fractured my hand tripping over my feet, and I lost my front teeth tripping over a jumper. 
12. I cannot drink coffee because it makes me feel really ill! One time I ordered the wrong drink in Starbucks and out of embarrassment I drank it and ended up feeling sick all day. 
13. Apart from Gavin & Stacey, Friends and Game of Thrones, I am really picky about television series and rarely keep on top of shows. 
14. I hated reading The Great Gatsby so much during college I never read another book until last month. 
15. I was not overly keen on Frozen; I didn't hate it, I just preferred Tangled. 
16. I really do not like cucumber.  
17. My friendship with my best friend started after a conversation about Busted.
18. I am naturally flexible and could be good at Yoga if I had the energy and patience to learn.
19. I really struggle to like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler films (apart from a couple of films.) 
20. I am really into the paranormal, whether it's a horror film (not Paranormal Activity) or television show.
21. Since I've turned 24, alcohol makes me insanely tired and not drunk. 
22. I can fall asleep almost anywhere and missed my bus stop three times as a result of this! 
23. When I was a child I used to believe that when it rained, the splashing from the rain dropping as it hit the floor were fairies dancing.
24. Peter Pan became my favourite film after someone close to me died suddenly and I wanted to run away to Neverland.     

So these were my 24 facts about me! One for every year (although I am 25 in a couple months). I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Bye for now! 

LittlePinkDuck - xox 
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